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Bringing your vision into reality through technology.

About Us

For any significant technology venture you need a technologist, a designer and a person with a vision.

Our technologist and designer will help make your vision into reality.

Quick start projects is a company that is ready to hit the ground running.

We have well trained, certified staff who dont google how to do something, we already know.

We can help you start your project on solid ground, train you throughout and hand over the keys when its finished.

Quick Start Projects is Gold Coast IT solution company


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Infrastructure as code using Microsoft Azure to build a best practice based infrastructure for your solution to run on, that is resilient and scalable. Database design and implementation skills to design the right data solution for you. We provide redundant failover clustering so your databases are always on. Continuous delivery processes will be provided so that your code will easily deploy from checkin to fully released into production. We have 25 years of experience in software development and in improving software processes, one step at a time.



We design your website, include original photography edited with skill and technique. We can create a winning logo that captures your character. We hear what you want to do and make a design that matches. We apply marketing knowledge to get the click that makes the sale.

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We have developed in Microsoft based technologies since Windows 1.0 and continued and now fully trained in Azure. We have continuous learning and know desktop, server and cloud. Active Directory on Premises and Active Directory in the cloud. We understand load balancing, infrastructure as code using PowerShell, Json templates and C# coding. We have studied various protocols for security and infrastructure deployment. Recently we have embraced linux, docker, kubernetes and monitoring software because this is what the market demands. So we can run systems on Mac, Windows and Linux. Whatever flavor suits your business.

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CAMS an acronym for Culture, Automation, Metrics and Sharing. This is our vision of DevOps. We bring a positive safety culture blameless post mortems, and tell it as it is. We automate using infrastructure as code and CI/CD technologies as part of the Microsoft tribe. Metrics we monitor every part of your Azure cloud environment with graphs that tell the truth. Share knowledge

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We can write code and design databases and provide security first implementations. Languages in C#, Javascript, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS and even Silverlight and WPF or windows forms if that is what you want. Database we know are SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 access and Excel. We also have plenty of experience in SSIS which is a tool for importing and exporting databases.

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We have passed the exams in Risk management and project management and business analysis and testing. Whatever your flavor, prince 2 or Agile PM. We use a design package called Enterprise Architect to design systems that are too complex for Visio. We use Bizagi for business process mapping and Balsamic for user interface mockups. Just like everyone else we also use Microsoft Word, Excel, powerpoint and Viso to capture and define requirements

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Automated Testing


Unit testing, Seleneum Web Testing. You can even write your test scripts in english and we can run them through SpecFlow. Test Driven development, BDD or the more favored write code and test later. We can do and we can teach you how to do.

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We are qualified in ITIL processes if that is what you need. We can also follow other process models if you are more agile such as Jira and TFS tasks. Whether you have a change advisory board or deploy directly in production through Kubernetes and measure the results in real time we can help you achieve your style or process. You want gannt charts or burn down charts, either is fine with us.

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Programming Languages

We have commercial experience in more languages than this small paragraph can handle, but our current languages are Objective C to build our IPhone IPAD applications, VB.NET, C# for middleware or desktop apps and we love all manner of Javascript frameworks like Angular and IONIC.

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Web Development

We have streamlined the delivery of Angular JS websites through the use of templates. Whether its a desktop website or mobile website we have technology and skill to make it happen.

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We create original artwork through professional photography. A good picture isnt just taken because we have a good camera (Cannon). We also have a good eye for photo composition and the right angles and lighting. And our photographs can be touched up using photoshop and lightroom skills to bring to you the image that captures what you want to say.

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Graphic design

Using Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premier and XD we can create the graphic design that reflects your taste and culture. We can create logos, business cards, brochures and ofcourse website designs based on best practices.


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Bringing your vision into reality through technology.

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