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Jun 3,2021

What is the difference between the Cloud and a Web Server?

We often hear worlds like “Cloud Computing”. But many people don’t know what the cloud can do and what is the difference between the Cloud and a Server.

Here is a list comparing the difference by a Microsoft Azure Cloud Expert.

Azure Cloud Own Server
Available immediately
After you order the server it is available immediately

After you order the server you have to wait 6 weeks for it to be delivered
Need to pay up front
pay per hour

$20,000〜 per each server
Need to have space
You have physical object too noisy to put under your desk needs to be placed in a server room with air conditioning
Need server maintenance
If server breaks it is replaced immediately

Cost includes hardware support
Share data any device
Only access inside company local area network
Strong security
Some security is taken care of by the cloud employees

You need to supply all security expertise
Chance to lose data
Natural disaster or stolen server
System extensibility or scalability
Rent more but for a short time

Buy more servers for when you need higher capacity
Access speed
Depends on internet what do you use
Data backup
Easy backup. Automatic recovery

You physically do it yourself
Save your time
Spend time for set up or maintenance
Electricity bill to your company
Included in rental cost

Pay electricity and air conditioning
Disk space
Unlimited disk space

You have limit and must keep buying more
Can handle heavy work
Keeping data cost
Big data usage is expensive. If you don't pay you will lose your data.

You own your data
High technology
Always update technology. Can handle IoT/AI technology

Depends on servers model
Getting slow broken some parts must replace every 3 years
Set up Uninterruptible Power Supply at your company

Both the cloud and a web server have strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully this pros and cons list of the Cloud and a web server will help you to decide whether to have the cloud or to have a web server of your own.


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