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Our services are Cloud computing with Microsoft Azure, Improving the performance of your server and applications, Database specialising SQL server, Network, Software development. Our staff have 30 years of experience working in IT. We can help solve your technology problems.

Has this ever happened to you?

 There are so many trouble in the IT industry
  • Suddenly computer/HD disk/USB stop working! I lost all my data!!!
  • My computer/server doesn’t turn on!
  • My business flooded and our servers are underwater.
  • My programmer has no idea what he is doing on server so our system/info was hacked!!
  • Now all my staff working from home our data cannot share out side company!
  • 5 common problems for performances

Nowadays we do business we definitely need to have computer hardware like laptop, desktop, server, phone, tablet, printer and so on… If you need to have backup your data, first you turn on server and then connect with server then you can upload your data. so much trouble :(

If you have cloud computing,
all problems can solve be better and easy way.

 Quick Start Project can solve any troble and proble make your staff happy

Sounds very good, isn’t it?

Our services are Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure.


Migrate from server to cloud

Migrate from cloud to server

Hybrid cloud, Multi-cloud

Set up new cloud system

Improve performance and analysing for the best way and the fastest way.
(if you already have Azure )

Train or mentor to your stuff Azure way

This video introduces our services

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Long story short of Quick Start Projects

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We are certificated Azure cloud company.

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Azure is frequency changing technology. We are keeping up to date with that.

  30years IT experience   

And we have been surrounding in computer world for 30 years.


If you are interested in these cloud computing
Let’s talk about more details with us :)!!

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